The Top 3 Unique Hotels in Europe

Europe can’t help but be an interesting place. It has history, various landscapes and a whole melting pot of different cultures. It only seems fitting then that this continent have some pretty intriguing hotels to go along with all the rest of its unique features. If you want a well rounded experience on your next trip to Europe, try checking out some of these unique hotels.

Strahov Monastery: Prague
Named a national historic landmark, this former monastery is now a working hotel. Located in this 17th century building are 12 rooms open to guests. While the building may be historic, the rooms have been renovated to include flat screen TVs, a mini bar and fast internet connections. There are stunning views of the Prague Castle as well as the Old Town.

Aydinli Cave House: Turkey
This boutique hotel is family owned and located within the caves of Cappadocia. Aside from its truly unique location, each room is decorated in an earthy style that perfectly resembles the location. Around the hotel, carvings can be found and each part of the hotel was once used for different purposes like grape crushing for wine. Guests will experience a buffet of traditional Turkish foods and have the option of joining in on traditional Turkish cooking lessons, a kilim-weaving tour and belly dancing shows.

V8 Hotel: Germany
If you are a car lover, you’re going to love this hotel. It offers over 30 rooms which have all been decorated according to a car theme such as the Cadillac drive in movie theater from the 1970s. Other room themes include a garage and car wash as well. The hotel also offers cooking classes, a brewery, a restaurant and a hall that features classic cars. A stay here is unique for anyone but especially interesting for all of those car lovers out there.


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