Best Hotels In New York

Why are we excited about travelling? Because it brings us to see new places and live in a luxurious environment. While travelling, selecting the hotel is one of the essential decisions you take as it is the base of your travel campaign. While selecting the hotel, an individual should make sure that the hotel is in the middle of the city so you can go around easily to tourist spots and visit places. One should also consider the environment of the hotel and what luxuries is the hotel offering in the best possible rate.

Grand Hyatt, New York is one of the greatest and biggest five-star hotels of New York, which is part of the great Hyatt International Corporation. Living up to the international standards and the imagery of its parent company, Hyatt Hotels, Grand Hyatt hotel is famous for its customer service and satisfaction it provides to its clients. The parent company, Hyatt Hotels is one of the largest global hotel company with having hotel chains throughout the world.
Rooms: Grand Hyatt New York has 1,306 oversized rooms which are made of marble, comfortable furnishings and an eye-stopping view from the window gives the customer a feel of rest and peace. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi as they understand the customer and their needs. The rooms also have facilities of satellite TV and iPods.
Meeting Areas: Being a 5-star hotel, the hotel offers both business and personal services. The businesses consider Hyatt as a ground for their meetings due to the exceptional customer service provided by Hyatt Hotels staff. The area is 60,000+ sq ft which are enormous for meetings or events.

Roosevelt Hotel is one of the finest places to stay during your vacation in New York. The hotel is famous for its grand architecture and interiors which combines the old Jazz culture to the modern lines.
Roosevelt Hotel is the located in the New York City’s Midtown making it the best hotel to stay in New York. Be it the nightlife of New York City or other visits to Staten Islands or The Bronx, Midtown is the best location to stay in New York. Roosevelt Hotel, New York is a combination of lavishing room, mouth-watering food and welcoming customer service
Rooms: The rooms in Roosevelt provide the customer with a luxurious outlook and services which differ them from competitors. The view of midtown from the window of these lavishing rooms make you wish to stay in the hotel forever.
Dining: The dining has all the cuisines which are loved in New York be it Chinese, fast food or continental. The restaurant has a sophisticated environment along with a trendy lounge. The hotel also provides the customers with 24-hour grab and go market.

New York is a city which never sleeps and therefore, after a tiring day of your meetings or your visits to clubs, you need a hotel which can provide you with the best service and make your trip memorable.